Hotel Ibis & Novotel Krasnoyarsk is an investment project in which two hotels are to be united into a single architectural complex. The three-star Ibis Hotel has 116 rooms and the four-star Novotel has 110 rooms. The hotel provides a 640 m2 meeting room, a 460 m2 restaurant, 440 m2 administrative space, 1390 m2 service space, outdoor parking, fitness center, underground parking with a capacity of 120 cars and 4,500 m2 of street shop on the ground floor. The grand opening ceremony was performed on November 2015 and Inka Construction, the subsidiary of KAYI Construction in Russia, undertook the EPC turn-key construction of the project including infrastructure, superstructure and the responsibility of receiving all the permits. The hotels are managed by the French hotel operator Accor Group and KAYI Construction is the 100 % investor of the project.

Completion Date: November 2015


Total Construction Area: 25,000 m2

Client: KAYI Real Estate Inv. Co.